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I think Kickstarter is a huge game changer for independent creators, as it democratizes some rather large barriers to entry: funding, market viability, and marketing… It’s allowing creators to be entrepreneurs, and I couldn’t be more excited for the future of independent creators.

Spencer Toyama, Home of the Brave

(via kickstarter)

(Source:, via kickstarter)


We launched our Kickstarter Campaign this morning! 

It’s been loads of work leading up to today and if you’ve been following along, we want you to know know we think you’re awesome. 

So far we’ve been able to help the Pacific Alliance to Stop Slavery attract close to 4000 supporters on their petition to end prostitution and human trafficking. We are overwhelmed by the support and humbled that we are able to contribute to make such a positive impact with something as simple as a comic book.

Today is the first day of our Kickstarter Campaign, and its only just beginning. If you’d like to help out. Head over to our Kickstarter Page and back our book. We’re giving away all sorts of rad goodies to our supporters. 

If money isn’t your thing, we totally dish out high fives for tweets and facebook likes. Tweet this to your friends and give yourself a huge pat on the back :

What if Earth’s smartest girl was born into poverty & slavery? Support a graphic novel w/ a cause #BeBrave @Kickstarter

My friends, the dynamic duo of Spencer and UMI, launched their kickstarter today to self-publish their comic book, Home of the Brave. I’ve already read it and it’s really really really really good. 

I hope everyone out there will take notice and donate.

I already reserved my hard copy of the book. 

9/22/2012 drawing while drinking. :)  (Taken with Instagram at Pint + Jigger)

9/22/2012 drawing while drinking. :) (Taken with Instagram at Pint + Jigger)

Kaneohe bay… #kaneohe #hi #instagood #instagram #hilife (Taken with Instagram)

Kaneohe bay… #kaneohe #hi #instagood #instagram #hilife (Taken with Instagram)

(Ms.) Janelle Monae - Wondaland

2 am track.

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Afterclap - 13 & God 

A good night time driving track. 

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// 01: MBTA Green Line D //

On a brisk October evening in a green line D car out of Boston proper I sat next to a young man who was constantly receiving phone calls.

Curious, I glanced over and saw him search “abortion clinics in Boston”.

Rain Song - Miki Furuakawa

Enjoy. Happy Weekend. 

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Mitch Hedberg - Dry Clean Only (1999)

Makes me happy.

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multi-color monsters 2012

multi-color monsters 2012

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